1. Conservatism and aversion to change


    The world is ever-changing. Choosing conservatism is choosing disappointment.

  2. Probabilities and knowledge


    Probabilities are all relative to knowledge. We cannot know the outcome, without knowing how things work, and we cannot learn that before it has happened. The best thing we can do, is guess, based on what we've seen before. Eventually, when we have learned, there are no probabilities, only thruth.

  3. Socialism and humanity


    Socialism tries to add a little bit of humanity to counter the law of the jungle, which is capitalism. They are not opposites, but complementary.

  4. Scientific deception


    Something that in itself seem to make sense, can very well be a deception, by intention or not, if other alternatives are ignored or insubstantially discredited. A critical eye is the key to real progress.

  5. A thought on mental and legal accountability


    Character enlightenment or character assassination? Healthy or sick, normal or abnormal? These are difficult questions, and maybe much more importantly; who shall decide where the the boundaries are?