My new blog

  1. Finally, my new blog is online! Welcome!

    Finally, my new blog is online! Welcome!

    It's been quite a while in the making. I think I first started toying around with some ideas a year ago. I was experimenting with layouts based on the so-called golden ratio. The golden ratio is a term for a naturally occurring mathematical phenomenon. It's a number for a relation between two values. That number is roughly 1.618. That means that the first number is 1.618 times the second value. Well enough with the numbers. The point is that many things in nature follow this pattern, and those that do are considered by the human brain to be naturally beautiful. Hence, a website with a layout based on this number should be beautiful. My new blog does exactly that (at least to a certain degree). So, what's your verdict? Is it beautiful? Well, I'm pretty happy about it anyway!

    My blog is now presentable, but a lot of work still remain. My knowledge and skills has developed quite a bit since the birth of this idea so I have lots of ideas for improvement. There has also been a few new challenges for me. This is the first time I've done anything semi-serious on the PHP/MySQL front and I do have a lot to learn. The performance today isn't much to celebrate, but it's an OK start.

    My old website was really never a very serious thing for me. But then again, it was the first time I had bought a domain and built a "real" site. It was never really active and I don't know if anyone ever read what I was blabbering about. It wasn't really interesting anyway! (It's still online and available as a link at the right). I have different intentions with this new blog however. I especially want to focus on writing useful stuff based on my experiences as a developer. I've made one post to start it off. Enjoy!